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We are a casino affiliate site that specialises in providing you with independent and professional advice to assist you in finding the right online poker site for you. We are a team of casino experts, who started off as mere enthusiasts but over the years, saw that a lot could be done to help people get the best possible service as online poker sites. And so, we put our heads together to create this site you are accessing.

It is our hope that we will help you find the top casinos on the market, with the widest and most state of the art poker gaming options, as well as great customer service and of course, some great casino bonuses and promotions that mean all your online casino needs are met. As well as this, we keep our ear to the ground about the latest industry news and gambling trends so you will be fully equipped with the knowledge you need to get an edge.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie in the online casino world, you are sure to get something out of our service. Whether that be a new casino, a top quality bonus or a sneak peek at a new playing style visiting our site will definitely pay off at some point, so it is well worth checking back every now and then to see what you can gain from using our site. Who knows? Even if you have been playing for years, there may be an interesting revelation that slipped past even if your keen eye.

We have years of experience working alongside the biggest names in the game, so you know everything you get from our site will always be of the highest quality and you will never have to worry about any cowboys here. This means complete peace of mind, alongside being the first to know about everything you need to know about the online poker world.

It is via providing these sites fresh revenue that we make money through our site as if someone signs up via our site we then get paid. However, this said, we would only recommend sites that we ourselves would use and all our content is objective and honest and you can trust us to provide you with a top-quality poker experience time and time again.

This poker and casino blog is intended to bring a weekly update about a special good online gaming offer or promotion taking place. There is a world of great promotions for players who enjoy some leisure casino time or who play poker for fun.

Often the Media’s focus on all the professional players and the high stakes poker games but online poker is so much more than that. Since poker is a mind game it is and should be played by millions of hobby players who enjoy becoming more skilled at poker.

There is no need to invest a ton of money in becoming a better poker player. With so many great bonus offers out there it is possible to get a fair return on deposits and it is simply to choose where to play.

Most players have heard about the poker giants, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker but there are many other companies providing online poker and those are as good as the big ones except for fewer players. However on most stakes it makes no difference where to play since there is always a table that can be joined.

One of the poker rooms that are really recommendable is LuckyAce Poker. A 25% instant deposit bonus up to $100 plus another 75% pending plus a ton of inexperienced opponents make this poker room a truly gem in the poker industry. Visit LuckyAce poker here and try the 3D software for free.

The skills of the opposition are a very important factor when it comes to make a profit in online poker. Thus must of the rooms and promotions recommended at PokerTaj.com is slightly unknown poker rooms to most players but still poker rooms that are safe, secure and properly regulated.

At this point, we must note that we take responsible gambling very seriously in our role as a gaming affiliate site and we always encourage using online poker sites in a careful and measured manner. If you feel that maybe you or a loved one aren’t doing this, then you can find a lot of helpful information about this on our responsible gambling page.

Now you know all about us, it is now time for you to set off on your casino adventure by using our site to find all the best top quality casinos on the market and make your online casino experience as good as it can possibly be. So enjoy our site, but with care, and get involved in some online poker fun today!