Hilarious Entertainment at William Hill Casino

spamalot video slot

William Hill Casino has added the most hilarious progressive video slot ever for the rewarding entertainment of their players. Spamalot is the name of the game and is part of the extensive suite of PlayTech slot games featuring in the scintillating venue. The 5 reel 20 payline video slot takes its title from the Broadway musical of the same name that in turn is based on the 1975 film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’.

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The film generated a cult following worldwide amongst people with a great sense of humour and an appetite for fun when it came out and continues to make people laugh. In a stroke of pure ingenuity, the PlayTech Corporation came up with the idea of creating a cutting edge video slot game with 2 progressive jackpots aptly called The Holy Grail Jackpot and The Not So Holy Grail Jackpot. It takes five Holy Grail jackpot symbols to appear during your free spin bonus round to commence the hunt for the Holy Grail jackpot. The jackpot grows in front of your eyes as you get closer to completing your quest and if you don’t quite make it you are in with a chance of winning the ‘Not so Holy Grail’ jackpot. Many players may remember the film itself and many more the recent musical that was an incredible success, despite or because of the eccentric British humour. It can be rather difficult to comprehend for some people who may not appreciate the ‘dark’ sense of humour of the British people.

Beware of Flying Cows and Killer Rabbits

Where else could you win bonus rounds by avoiding being hit by cows shot as missiles from the castle, or by cutting off the limbs of the Black Knight in your quest to gain entry to the Castle. Another of the four different bonus rounds involves annihilating the Killer Rabbit with carefully selected rocks to fling at you while you try to access the castle. The craziest bonus round of all involves making a shrub sacrifice to find your bonus stash of cash to take away with you!

Spamalot features the mystical characters of King Arthur of the round table and the Lady of the lake along with the heroic Sir Galahad, Robin and Lancelot. The characters are wildly funny and make the game an absolute ‘must’ for players who love to get the most out of their casino entertainment. Don’t expect anything serious during this game as it’s all about having a great time whilst going for the jackpot.

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Fabulous Animated Graphics

The game is a spectacular three dimensional animated video slot with the voice overs done by the famous Monty Python star John Cleese who went on to star in many more fantastic films and television series. PlayTech has incorporated the best of its available technology into the Spamalot slot bringing the scenes to life in a brilliant way. It gives players hilarious entertainment as well as plenty of money making possibilities.

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Discover Multiple Blackjack Game Variants at 888Casino

888Casino -LogoPlaying Blackjack is always a lot of fun as well as extremely rewarding for players who takes a seat at the Blackjack tables at 888Casino. You can choose from a range of interesting Blackjack game variants or simply play all of them one after the other. You may want to start out with the authentic Classic Blackjack game where you are simply dealt your cards as soon as you settle down and make yourself comfortable at your desktop or on your mobile device. You can download the mobile app which is compatible with your smart phone or tablet for free at 888Casino.

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The interface of the 888Casino Blackjack table is highly intuitive and it prompts you gently in what you need to do next when playing the game so that you don’t feel under any pressure. If you don’t know the rules or you are a little unsure and would like to polish up on your knowledge of exactly how the game works then simply click on the ‘help’ button as you play and the rules pop up for you to read as you go along! It really couldn’t get any easier than that and you will find out that your skills improve in a very short time period with a bit of practise and your winnings will increase too. Blackjack is one of those casino games that players can influence by having skill and in depth knowledge of the game. You can get lucky with Blackjack with help from yourself! Try out multi-player Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender and a whole lot more at 888Casino.

Choose Live Blackjack!

Some players miss the animation that is always present in a live casino venue and they wish that they could have the face to face contact with a live dealer along with all the chit chat and socializing that is so pleasurable in a bricks and mortar casino. Well, you do have that option now with 888Casino live where you have everything that you enjoy in a live casino including chat with other players at your table as you play through a live chat box. The live venue is linked to your PC through an interactive webcam giving you a brilliant game every time. There are exclusive 888 Casino tables in the live venue where players can enjoy the special offers created by the team at 888Casino only for 888Casino customers.

Register a new account today with 888Casino using the link below and get a welcome bonus of up to $200 and free play of £88.

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Take up the Challenge of Rubik’s Riches Slot at 21Nova Casino

rubiksPlay the incredibly exciting and innovative slot game with a huge difference ‘Rubik’s Riches’ at 21Nova Casino where you can win as much as $80,000 by lining up the sides of the cube with the same colours as well as through the bonus games awarded when all the letters of the word ‘Rubik’s’ light up at the top of the game.

The three dimensional game with vibrant colours is a modern slot game with a ‘retro’ presentation created by PlayTech and is based on the most popular game in the world ‘Rubik’s Cube’ which was invented by the Hungarian professor of architecture Erno Rubik in 1974. The original game was first marketed as the Magic Cube but soon became the ‘toy’ that everybody needed to have and was given the name of its inventor as it hit the shops worldwide.


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The classic cube is lightweight and can be held in a person’s hand having 6 faces with nine solid coloured stickers on each face making it an attractive cube to hold and look at. The cube is more for adults than children and proved to be a wonderful pastime for millions of people seeking to resolve the puzzle and stimulate their brains.

The stickers with the colours white, blue, green, red, yellow and orange are manipulated around a twisting mechanism which allows the player to turn the sides in such a way as to try and get each face to be a solid wall of one colour only. The game was wildly popular during the 1980s but it is still well known today in its original form and in many game variations which can be even more challenging.

The Rubik’s Cube is difficult to solve and there are international competitions taking place annually where participants win prizes for solving the puzzle of the cube at great speed, organized by the ‘World Cube Association’ which is the international governing body for the Rubik’s Cube.


Highly Entertaining Game with Big Rewards

The Rubik’s Riches slot game operates in the same way as the cube with ‘three reels’ taking the form of three sides of the cube which spin in order to line up colours in rows. Get the same colour on all 9 squares on one side of the cube and you trigger a bonus payout of 5,000 credits or more in addition to the line payout.

To win the largest payout possible it is important to wager the maximum and get the possibility of peeling off the stickers for bonus spins and extra cubes. The betting range per spin is from $0.20 to as much as $500 so decide whether you are aiming for the top or for a regular kind of win when you choose your bets.

Register an account today with 21Nova Casino and get a welcome bonus of up to £320 to use in the casino immediately on any of the 350 games in the suite.

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Always Something New Featuring at Ladbrokes Casino

Check Out all the latest offers at Ladbrokes Casino where the specials never run out but go from fantastic to absolutely amazing! With 540 games to choose from, boasting the most incredible MicroGaming software you won’t need any encouragement to play the games and participate in the promos where you can win huge bonuses just for doing what you love best at Ladbroke Casino.

Whether you prefer the classic casino games that have been around since the start of casino gaming including Blackjack which originated in France in the 18th Century as the game of twenty one or ‘Vingt et Un’ or the chic game of Roulette, also of French origin, or you focus on the very latest video slots, you won’t be disappointed by the selection at Ladbrokes Casino.

Learn as You Play for Free

Every game is posted with its rules and instructions in a very user friendly way and you can try out every game in demo mode without wagering a cent. The customer support is outstanding at Ladbrokes Casino so you will never be in doubt for long as the team is friendly and professional. Whether you are playing in the middle of the night or at Christmas or any other public holiday, you will always have a competent member of Ladbrokes staff ready to help you in any one of the 22 languages featured on its software.

Ladbrokes Casino is constantly adding new games to the suite on offer and games that are no longer popular are removed or revamped to bring them up to the technological level expected from the astute clientele at Ladbrokes Casino. Check out the latest addition to the Progressive jackpot video slots, Dark Knight with the Batman theme which is very popular in 2012! Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Casino using our link below and select your welcome bonus of up to £500.

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Thrilling Game of the Month Promo at Bet24 Casino

Bet24 Casino is a highly personalized gaming venue which seeks to keep its customers interested in the rapidly changing variety of promotions offered. Every month you will find a game of the month posted on the home page with some interesting promos based upon it. Just for playing the game of the month and spending a minimum of €5 you are entered into a prize draw with all the other players of that specific game and can win one of 5 generous casino bonuses with a starting value of €10 and reaching a maximum value of €100. The more you play, the more entry ‘tickets’ you will have in the prize draw because you are entered repeatedly every time that you spend €5.

The More you Play the Greater your Chance of Winning

Play as much as you can on the game of the month and you can be sure to win a prize boosting your bank roll, quite apart from your winnings from playing the game. In the month of April the game of the month is the thrilling video slot ‘Crime Scene’ which is new to bet24 Casino where the games are powered by the innovative market leaders Net Entertainment. Crime Scene challenges you to carry out the forensic investigation in detail and enter the forensics laboratory to discover the perpetrator of the murder.

The graphic animations are totally realistic and the game has sound effects which make your hair stand on end. You will never feel comfortable again walking down a dark lane at night with the rain glistening on the tarmac and the shadows hiding potential menaces. This enthralling video slot game features a sticky wild which multiplies any win by X 3 when it sticks to your reels, hanging on for up to 5 spins! Register a new account today at bet24 Casino using our link below to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to €100.


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Look For the Hit the Button Promo at Party Casino Today

There is an unbeatable offer running just for a few days at Party Casino with the marvelous promotion, “Hit the Button”. Players will be thrilled to see that by playing on their favorite games, they accumulate player points as always but if they opt in to this promotion, the accumulated points are posted on a leaderboard where there are thousands of valuable prizes waiting to be hit upon. The games covered by this amazing promo are the slots, classic slots, raffle jackpot slots, regular jackpot slots, Blackjack and Roulette. This massive variety of eligible games covers most of the games played at some time by customers at Party Casino and is a way to boost the gaming wallets of thousands of diligent customers.

Cheer Yourself Up Today at Party Casino

With a cold miserable winter gripping the Northern hemisphere, it’s a truly sensational promotion to register for as you get stacks of cash and bonuses just by staying warm at home and having plenty of fun at Party Casino. Bonuses at Party Casino are many and varied unlike many online casinos that are limited in their reward schemes.

Customers at Party Casino seem to get a bonus for just about everything whether it’s for joining the casino, making fresh deposits of cash to their existing accounts, getting linked bonuses or straightforward cash bonuses which are paid instantly into your account. Register a new account today at Party Casino using our exclusive link below together with our bonus code CG3000 and you will get the possibility of receiving as much as $3,000 of welcome bonus which you can wager on all the 160 games available at Party Casino.

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Play Street Fighter 4 at Inter Casino and Win Big Prizes

Are you looking for excitement and action along with the chance to win a large cash prize?? Then why not try the cool Street Fighter 4 online slot machine at Inter Casino.

Street Fighter is a cult game that many people throughout the world have spent many hours playing throughout their lives. This classic game has now returned in a more exciting version – the online slot machine version available at Inter Casino. The difference between the old game and the slot machine version is the ability to win large cash prizes. There is not a lot to be said about playing your favorite fighting game and wining cash, as you are doing it, but the term great comes to mind.

Street Fighter 4 at Inter Casino is a 5 reel online slot machine with 25 pay lines, where you can win big cash prizes. It is also possible to get into the super fun bonus games and win lots of free rounds, if you are lucky enough to hit some scatter symbols. You can bet anything from $0.01 right up to $20, so regardless of the depth of your pockets you can still participate in this great slot machine.

All new customers can choose to take advantage of the lucrative sign-up bonus from Inter Casino, where you can get up to €250 free, which you might choose to spend on Street Fighter 4.

All you need to do to get your hands on this great sign-up bonus is creating your new customer account and then make your first deposit. You will get a 100% bonus up to €250, so any amount you deposit will be matched by 100%. To take full advantage of this bonus, we advise depositing €250, but of course you can deposit whatever suits your pocket best.

Inter Casino has over 300 different online casino games, so if Street Fighter 4 does not suit your needs, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your mood.

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Online Casino and Live Casino Blackjack

I often play blackjack for entertainment and even though I know I lose in the long run, blackjack is not the worst game you can play at an online casino. Moreover, online casinos often offer bonus money, which gives more entertainment value than a visit to a land based casino.

There is little difference between the online casino and live casino, especially when playing blackjack, in which the requirements for graphical finesse are much smaller than, for example, slot machines.

That is why you should be looking for other things, when you choose the casino you want to play with online. I always look at how a casino is licensed, or in other words I visit bonusriders.com, because I know the only list credible casinos that are licensed within the EU, which means that winnings are not taxable. In addition I play anywhere, if the brand is big, as I am fairly sure of getting a good service.

The last online casino I visited were Bet24 Casino that offers a 100 % bonus up to €100. Truth to tell, I visited Bet24 when I saw an advertisement during a football match in TV and companies that can afford to advertise on TV are accepted in my book.

Bet24 Casino is owned and operated by the company behind several TV channels Northern Europe, which makes it a more reliable casino. In addition Bet24 Casino is clearly advisable, despite the graphics are not as great as elsewhere. This goes back to not having to download the casino, which in turn means that you get started with Blackjack a little faster than normal.

Make a Bet24 Casino account and receive €100 in casino bonus to play for.

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