Playing in Poker Tournaments Online

poker tournaments

Playing in poker tournaments online is a very entertaining pastime, but it’s also one that can – at least in some circumstances – reward winners with life-changing sums of prize money.

Some poker tournaments offer six- or even seven-figure prizes to their winners, so there’s plenty for the ambitious player to aim for in due course, but there are also plenty of more modest tournaments which are even suitable for beginners. Below is a crash-course in how to get started…

Types of Poker Tournaments

There are two main types of poker tournaments, and these are single table tournaments (STTs) and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). A single table tournament is limited to as many participants as there are seats at the table, whilst a multi-table tournament can be much larger.

The more players there are in a tournament, the more challenging it will be, so it could be a good idea to start playing STTs first and to then try your hand at MTTs, when you have some experience under your belt.

Registration and General Procedure

No matter what type of tournament you want to participate in, you’ll need to register to do so and that will mean paying an entry fee. The entry fee is the same for every player who gets involved, and the bulk will feed the tournament prize pool, with a much smaller sum going to the tournament organisers.

Having completed your registration, make sure that you’re logged into your chosen poker venue for the registered tournament and you’ll be seated a short time before it begins. All players begin the tournament with the same number of poker chips, and if you lose your chips, then you’ll effectively be out of the tournament, unless the tournament in question allows you to rebuy more chips and continue playing.

Check the tournament details and you’ll see how quickly blinds increase in size, and whether or not there are any breaks scheduled. Breaks are more common in larger tournaments, which can take several hours to complete, and you should take full advantage of them when they’re given, so that you don’t need to risk missing out on hands later in the game.

In MTTs, players are often moved from table to table throughout the tournament so that the total number of tables in use can be reduced as players are knocked out. Eventually, the number of players will have been reduced to the point where the remnant can play at a single table, which is referred to as the final table.

Goals and Prizes

Whilst the overall goal of all poker tournament players should be to win the tournament, beginners can – and should – set themselves more modest goals to aim for. The first goal should be to get ‘in the money’, which means to survive the tournament long enough to qualify for a prize of some sort. The number of prizes paid will greatly depend on the number of players taking part, so do familiarise yourself with the prize schedule in order to have something clear to aim for.

When you have experience of finishing in the money, your next goal should be to reach a final table, where the prizes will be even bigger. Next, aim to finish in the first three of a final table, and then aim to win a tournament outright.

Success in online poker tournaments is seldom achieved overnight (although even this scenario is possible for someone on an incredibly lucky streak!) so be patient with yourself, enjoy the game for what it is and expect your results to improve as your tournament skills develop.

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Poker Tournaments | Autumn 2018

Poker Events Autumn

Poker players get ready, as there is plenty of poker action to enjoy in the upcoming months if you are from the UK or Ireland, with two major tournaments kicking off in September!

Be prepared, as both competitions will attract some of the best players from across the globe, so you will be facing some seriously tough competition to win the big money prizes on offer.

Get your poker face on and get ready for an early Autumn Poker Bonanza!

Irish Poker Masters

Prize Pool: €1Million

Date: September 6th, 2018

Buy-in: €1,150

In the quaint, quiet, western town of Killarney, things are about to be seriously shaken up with the arrival of the Irish Poker Masters in September.

Over the course of four days, this tournament will separate the wheat from the chaff and decide who will compete in the final day’s main event, that offers a grand total prize fund of €1Million.

With a buy-in of just €1,150, this tournament could see you make a stark improvement on your investment if you manage to go all the way!

However, this is not an all-or-nothing event, and over the course of the tournament, which will run until the 9th, you will have the opportunity to compete in 6 other smaller events, including a €550 Pot-Limit Omaha event & a €220 Ladies’ Championship.

The Irish Poker Masters promises to be a great event for all players of all creeds.

Millions UK

Prize Pool: £8.5 Million

Date: September 29th, 2018

Buy-in: £5300

A bigger tournament perfect for players who considered themselves high-rollers is the Millions UK Tournament, which is also kicking off next month.

Starting on the 29th September and running over the first week of October, this tournament’s main event has a whopping £5 Million up for grabs.

The Day 1 of the event will occur online on the September 30th, and those who are successful will then be invited down to the Dusk Till Dawn venue in Nottingham for three days of competing for that final prize money.

This is not one for the faint-hearted though, as the buy-in for the main event will cost you over £5000, so you need to be ready to go big or go home.

If £5000 sounds a bit rich for your blood, then don’t worry, as this event has four other smaller events running alongside the main one, with a prize pool £8.5 million and with buy-ins starting from just £550. These events include a £25,500 Super High Roller Event, with a huge £1M prize pool, which is certainly not to be missed.

If you fancy giving it a go, satellites are already up and running, so you can enter yourself into the tournament right now at Partypoker if you think you’ve got what it takes.


As well as these huge events happening, there are, of course, a series of other smaller online events happening at various online casinos across the web.

Although they won’t have such large sums up for grabs or that real-life, living-breathing atmosphere, they are still a great bit of fun and can see you hone your skills and win some cash!

We are looking forward to these two tournaments, as well as loads more great poker happening in 2019, so stay tuned for loads more poker tournaments’ info over the next few months!

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Lupe Soto and Poker Hall of Fame

Poker is not exclusively male dominated any longer. There are some very talented and successful female poker players out there that will give many men a run for their money. Thanks to the induction of the Poker Hall of Fame for Women in 2008, these poker goddesses are being honoured for their successes.

In 2018 over 50 submissions were made by the public but the WiPHoF committee narrowed it down to 11 candidates that stood a chance of being inducted in this honourable Hall of Fame. The candidate that stood out far above the rest is Lupe Soto. She has changed the role of women in poker incredibly.

Lupe Soto

She is the queen of ladies poker and has been a pioneer in uniting women globally. She started the first ever forum for ladies in poker in – Poker Chix – in 2002. Two years later he found the Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS) which saw a boom in women participation. This led to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2008 and in 2013 she created the Senior Poker Tour to include senior players. She serves as the CEO of Poker Gives, which is a non-profit charity serving military families. This woman has no end to her talents.

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Rewarding and Authentic VIP Club at Titan Poker

titan poker logo 2VIP treatment is exactly what you get when you become a VIP Club player at Titan Poker as soon as you play your first hand of real money poker in a ring game or tournament. Every cent that you contribute in rake at a cash game in each poker hand and the buy in fee that you pay to enter a tournament earns you Titan Points which are the mainstay of the VIP Club at Titan Poker. The way that the Titan Points are awarded to each player participating in a hand is according to the amount contributed in rake by each player with $1 giving a player 15 Titan points. The points determine the VIP status of the players and as the VIP status improves so does the conversion rate of Titan Points to Club points. The club points are exchangeable for cash, tournament tokens and can also be redeemed in the superb VIP store that is a click away on the Titan Poker website.

Titan Poker Sets Itself Apart

The Titan Poker VIP Club stands out because the players can rise through the VIP levels at their own speed determined by the number of points earned every day at the tables. Most VIP schemes assess the level of their players on a monthly basis and this reduces the advantages and benefits accruing to players who are stuck at a lower level despite having earned sufficient points to be at a higher level. Titan Poker is openly fair towards its customers and this is one of the important reasons for poker players to register a new account with Titan poker today using our link below and getting a welcome bonus of up to $2,000.


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Unbeatable Action All Day Long at Ladbrokes Poker

ladbrokes poker table imageIt’s a great time to join the community of players at Ladbrokes Poker with so many astonishing tournaments running every day online and possibilities given for players to win seats to live tournaments scheduled all through the year in superb locations. Ladbrokes Poker is operating on the MicroGaming network which gives its players the most amazing poker software imaginable as well as a very broad variety of cash ring games and lucrative tournaments in many languages. The network concept is to promote the level of activity in the card rooms that are linked into it and give all players a much higher volume of player participation. Nobody has to hang around bored waiting for players to pitch up wanting to play at the stakes that each individual chooses, Sit & Go single table tournaments are able to kick off as soon as a player registers and the whole feel of the card room is one of action and vibrancy.

Join the Great British Pound Ring Games

Ladbrokes Poker has taken the initiative to personalize the card room to a certain extent by adding the Great British Pound tables exclusively for the use of Ladbrokes players whatever their nationality. You can discover the cash tables in the poker lobby where they are clearly marked and permit you to get that bit closer to people who share a passion for the Ladbrokes Poker room and the fabulous services offered. The customer service at Ladbrokes is outstanding with trained staff that are friendly and competent waiting to talk to you on live chat or the telephone. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Poker using our link below and you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to €1,000.

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Casino Games Now in the Card Room at BetVictor Poker

BetVictor poker offers such an outstanding card room that the pleasure customers get when they log on to select the games they want to play is unbeatable. You now have access to around 100 top quality casino games directly from your poker account with just one click of the button at the top of the page.

You may find yourself waiting to start in a scheduled tournament, undecided about what to play next or just looking for something a little different from the heat of the poker tables. The casino games offered start at stakes of as little as one penny so don’t get hesitant as there is absolutely no need to spend much cash to get a fantastic time of lucrative entertainment on a hand-picked selection of games that have proven themselves to be the most popular with the customers.

More Than 100 Golden Opportunities to Get Rich!

All the classic favorites feature at the top of the list of casino games accessible from the poker room including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Stud Poker. The progressive jackpot games are loaded with millions of euros and they make players at BetVictor ecstatically happy on a regular basis.

Choose from the 80 video slots where the graphic animations are incredibly authentic and highly realistic with sound effects rendering the atmosphere absolutely electric. Every euro you wager in the casino will earn you action points just as they do in the card room and those points are worth hard cash. You can also use them to buy into valuable tournaments that are scheduled throughout the day at BetVictor Poker. Register a new account today at BetVictor Poker using our link below and you will be thrilled to get your welcome bonus of up to €500.


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Fantastic Combination Games offered at PokerStars

PokerStars offers its players a really exciting card room where the challenges just never stop being presented to them in various forms. Nobody can ever be bored or suffer from tedium at PokerStars as there are so many poker game variants with new ones are being developed to keep PokerStars as the leader of the online card rooms.

Comprehensive lessons are posted for free on the home page with just a click of a tab, given by the poker pros who are members of the PokerStars team, making every game type look so easy and straightforward. Start off with Texas Hold’em which is the most popular poker variant in the world especially since the launch of the World Series of Poker Championships in the early 1970’s in the most impressive gambling center of the Universe, Las Vegas. Go on to master the games of Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz and Stud as well as Eight or Better which is just another name for Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo.

Excel in a Huge Variety of Games

Perfecting each game variant at your own pace is a fantastically exciting goal in your poker career and allows you to go on to play the thrilling game of Horse which is just a mix of all the games that you have learned, listed above. If you miss out the game of Razz it simply means that you play Hose instead and will find yourself competing in a really intensive and totally focused poker game where you cannot stop paying attention even for a moment.

PokerStars makes poker into more than just a pass time and has changed the lives of many of its players as they discover in themselves amazing abilities that they didn’t know they had. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below using the marketing code PSP7824 and you can be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.


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Cake Poker is Welcoming and Lucrative

Cake Poker is a card room that reflects the innovative creativity of the founders of the Cake poker website who were all poker players with a passion for the game. It isn’t often that you get to become a member of card room where the tiniest details have been thought of from a poker player’s point of view and for that reason Cake Poker is a very satisfying place to play.

Since it was launched in 2006 it has grown in leaps and bounds and has now become the founding member of the Cake Poker Network which is rapidly gaining popularity on a worldwide basis. This graduation to a network has permitted Cake Poker to offer much larger guaranteed tournament prizepools and a higher volume of players at the cash tables making it an even more attractive card room than ever before.

Fantastic Poker Software

The software at Cake was designed specifically for Cake Poker and incorporates unique features which are very pleasing and convenient to the player. You can select your very own 3D avatar and sit around very clearly structured tables without a lot of clutter and confusion which can be very distracting.

The software gives you very smooth game play and fantastic graphics maximizing the entertainment quality from your poker entertainment every time that you log on. The fact that Cake Poker is one of the few sites that can accept players from the USA makes for a very interesting card room where you can chat with people that you can’t usually interact with in an online poker room. Register an account with Cake Poker today using our link below and the bonuscode BR600 to get the new depositor’s bonus of up to $600.


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Zoom To PokerStars for the Amazing New Zoom Game Format

Zoom Poker is a brand new concept poker format that has been launched by Pokerstars in a revolutionary move to speed up poker beyond recognition. With so many potential poker players regularly hindered from playing poker due to constant time pressure from very hectic lifestyles which are appear to be here to stay, ultra-fast poker ring games are set to become the new way forward joining fast food and mobile internet enabled devices.

PokerStars has identified and addressed the problem of time constraint that is a widespread issue in the online poker community and has come up with the brilliant new Zoom poker format for ring games. Players who choose to play zoom in the main poker lobby are asked to select the type of poker game they wish to play from Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Draw games, choose the stakes level and the number of tables that they wish to play at simultaneously. You can choose to play at up to 4 tables but it’s advisable to practice first as the pace is formidable posing an amazing challenge to players even when playing at one table.

Fast Action and great Fun!

You are automatically seated at a Zoom table with random players from a whole pool of customers opting to play Zoom poker where you are dealt your hole cards. You can decide immediately if you wish to stick with the round and complete the hand or fold and move on to another table with the click of one button. The action takes place so quickly that you must adapt to a very fast way of assessing your hand and your options without even giving a thought to your opponents’ hands! Register a new account at PokerStars now using our link below and the marketing code PSP7824 and you will be able to check out the Zoom format and get a great welcome bonus of up to $600.

Create your PokerStars account here!

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Discover a Chilled Card Room at Cool Hand Poker

Cool Hand Poker is a dynamic and innovative card room operating on the MicroGaming Network which is one of the biggest gaming networks online. The poker software is state of the art giving players a smooth and seamless experience every time in a card room that is user friendly and simple to navigate. The graphics are crisp and well defined with the use of subtle colors and background shading which is easy and comfortable on the eye.

Anonymous tables have been in use for some time making sure that players at Cool Hand Poker cannot be tracked by hustlers who make it their business to systematically analyze the game play of individuals in the card room looking for opportunities to exploit weaknesses in a player’s method of play. Cool Hand Poker advertises itself as the poker room ‘for the people’ without hustlers and sharks giving players the opportunity to play without watching their own back.

Weekly Freerolls with Guaranteed Cash prizes

Cool Hand Poker is very protective of its poker community which is growing in size at an exponential rate and can be seen just by checking out the thousands of players who are registered each week to play in the new Player freerolls. New customers receive a fantastic welcome bonus which is easy to convert to cash by accumulating Cool Points through playing in cash ring games and tournaments. Every $1 of rake contributed to the pot in a ring game and every dollar paid in tournament buy in fees, sees the player earning cool points which are exchangeable for cash bonuses and generous cash prizes. Register a new account today at Cool Hand Poker using our link below to get a great 200% match bonus of up to €200.

Play online poker here!

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