Hilarious Entertainment at William Hill Casino

spamalot video slot

William Hill Casino has added the most hilarious progressive video slot ever for the rewarding entertainment of their players. Spamalot is the name of the game and is part of the extensive suite of PlayTech slot games featuring in the scintillating venue. The 5 reel 20 payline video slot takes its title from the Broadway musical of the same name that in turn is based on the 1975 film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’.

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The film generated a cult following worldwide amongst people with a great sense of humour and an appetite for fun when it came out and continues to make people laugh. In a stroke of pure ingenuity, the PlayTech Corporation came up with the idea of creating a cutting edge video slot game with 2 progressive jackpots aptly called The Holy Grail Jackpot and The Not So Holy Grail Jackpot. It takes five Holy Grail jackpot symbols to appear during your free spin bonus round to commence the hunt for the Holy Grail jackpot. The jackpot grows in front of your eyes as you get closer to completing your quest and if you don’t quite make it you are in with a chance of winning the ‘Not so Holy Grail’ jackpot. Many players may remember the film itself and many more the recent musical that was an incredible success, despite or because of the eccentric British humour. It can be rather difficult to comprehend for some people who may not appreciate the ‘dark’ sense of humour of the British people.

Beware of Flying Cows and Killer Rabbits

Where else could you win bonus rounds by avoiding being hit by cows shot as missiles from the castle, or by cutting off the limbs of the Black Knight in your quest to gain entry to the Castle. Another of the four different bonus rounds involves annihilating the Killer Rabbit with carefully selected rocks to fling at you while you try to access the castle. The craziest bonus round of all involves making a shrub sacrifice to find your bonus stash of cash to take away with you!

Spamalot features the mystical characters of King Arthur of the round table and the Lady of the lake along with the heroic Sir Galahad, Robin and Lancelot. The characters are wildly funny and make the game an absolute ‘must’ for players who love to get the most out of their casino entertainment. Don’t expect anything serious during this game as it’s all about having a great time whilst going for the jackpot.

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Fabulous Animated Graphics

The game is a spectacular three dimensional animated video slot with the voice overs done by the famous Monty Python star John Cleese who went on to star in many more fantastic films and television series. PlayTech has incorporated the best of its available technology into the Spamalot slot bringing the scenes to life in a brilliant way. It gives players hilarious entertainment as well as plenty of money making possibilities.

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