Online Casino and Live Casino Blackjack

I often play blackjack for entertainment and even though I know I lose in the long run, blackjack is not the worst game you can play at an online casino. Moreover, online casinos often offer bonus money, which gives more entertainment value than a visit to a land based casino.

There is little difference between the online casino and live casino, especially when playing blackjack, in which the requirements for graphical finesse are much smaller than, for example, slot machines.

That is why you should be looking for other things, when you choose the casino you want to play with online. I always look at how a casino is licensed, or in other words I visit, because I know the only list credible casinos that are licensed within the EU, which means that winnings are not taxable. In addition I play anywhere, if the brand is big, as I am fairly sure of getting a good service.

The last online casino I visited were Bet24 Casino that offers a 100 % bonus up to €100. Truth to tell, I visited Bet24 when I saw an advertisement during a football match in TV and companies that can afford to advertise on TV are accepted in my book.

Bet24 Casino is owned and operated by the company behind several TV channels Northern Europe, which makes it a more reliable casino. In addition Bet24 Casino is clearly advisable, despite the graphics are not as great as elsewhere. This goes back to not having to download the casino, which in turn means that you get started with Blackjack a little faster than normal.

Make a Bet24 Casino account and receive €100 in casino bonus to play for.

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