Find All the Sports You Follow at Betfred Sport

Betfred Sport is a fantastically innovative and dynamic bookmaker that has evolved along with the internet revolution in gaming and sport betting. Established in 1967 by the Done brothers, Betfred Sport has more than 760 retail shops and 5,000 people employed in the UK. In 2005 the bookmaking business migrated to the internet and now operates from a state of the art integrated gaming and sports betting platform with the most incredible selection of casino games, online Poker games and tournaments, Bingo and Lotto. Betfred Sport offers a vast range of betting options on thousands of markets in a broad range of sports even some very marginal sports are covered giving all punters around the world the choice of wagering on their favorite sports.

Wager from Your Mobile

Every day gives punters some new surprises by way of bonuses and promotions giving marvelous added benefits and value to the fabulous odds which are offered at Betfred Sport. Now you can choose to stay in touch with your bookmaker Betfred through your internet enabled mobile device by downloading the app that suits your phone for absolutely free. The service is technologically cutting edge with a full selection of betting services offered in sharp resolution graphics and with great sound effects.

You are able to stream live games and races with thrilling commentary from top sport commentators and access a mountain of information relating to statistics, club histories, individual players, jockeys, horses and trainers. There is never a boring moment at Betfred Sport where you can keep busy watching the match whilst awaiting the result of your bet or you can bet in play with the odds shifting all the time doubling the excitement. Register a new account today at Betfred Sport using our link below and you can enjoy a free bet of up to £50.


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Rewarding and Authentic VIP Club at Titan Poker

titan poker logo 2VIP treatment is exactly what you get when you become a VIP Club player at Titan Poker as soon as you play your first hand of real money poker in a ring game or tournament. Every cent that you contribute in rake at a cash game in each poker hand and the buy in fee that you pay to enter a tournament earns you Titan Points which are the mainstay of the VIP Club at Titan Poker. The way that the Titan Points are awarded to each player participating in a hand is according to the amount contributed in rake by each player with $1 giving a player 15 Titan points. The points determine the VIP status of the players and as the VIP status improves so does the conversion rate of Titan Points to Club points. The club points are exchangeable for cash, tournament tokens and can also be redeemed in the superb VIP store that is a click away on the Titan Poker website.

Titan Poker Sets Itself Apart

The Titan Poker VIP Club stands out because the players can rise through the VIP levels at their own speed determined by the number of points earned every day at the tables. Most VIP schemes assess the level of their players on a monthly basis and this reduces the advantages and benefits accruing to players who are stuck at a lower level despite having earned sufficient points to be at a higher level. Titan Poker is openly fair towards its customers and this is one of the important reasons for poker players to register a new account with Titan poker today using our link below and getting a welcome bonus of up to $2,000.


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Live VIP Table Blackjack Promo at 888Casino

888Casino isn’t just your average run of the mill online venue but it retains the kind of character that you would find in the most prestigious ground based casinos where there are private gaming rooms for the high rollers and the VIPs who are looking to play for high stakes in an exclusive environment. At 888Casino you can choose to play live Blackjack which is one of the most popular casino games in the world, originating from the French game that was called ‘Vingt et Un’, at the VIP tables at 888Casino online.

The live casino venue has a totally authentic feel with all the plush fittings and fixtures that give that special atmosphere to a ground based venue. The live dealers are connected with the players in real time through a web cam so that all the action is streamed live to their computers in the most amazing high definition and full colour making the experience totally realistic. Players give their requests, place their stakes and watch the croupiers who are fully trained professionals carry out those requests in real time.

Massive Cash Bonuses Along With Great Entertainment

Players who are seated at the table can chat with one another through the live chat box and also exchange pleasant conversation with the dealers who are both friendly and beautiful. Every day between 1pm and 1am you can enjoy the live Blackjack experience at the 888Casino live VIP table where 12 bonus cards with cash values totaling $1,200 are shuffled into the decks of cards and dealt randomly to the players. If you are dealt a bonus card you will be credited with the amount stated on the card within 12 hours during the working week. Register a new account today at 888Casino using our link below and you will be thrilled to receive a welcome bonus of up to $1,400.


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Follow the Ever Changing Promotions at 888Casino

888Casino -Logo888Casino has an extraordinarily large selection of hot promotions that are revised regularly giving customers the thrilling sensation of ‘surprise’ every time they log on to check out what is new on the promotional front.

The promotions are designed to give customers the possibility of adding to their gaming wallet substantially through the actual bonuses and to open the gates of opportunity to win enormous sums of money on the games and in the raffles that are run in association with the games that are highlighted for the special offers.

Play With Your Bonus Immediately

As soon as you sign up to join 888Casino you get a welcome bonus that will match your initial deposit up to the amount of $200. The bonus is put straight into your account for you to play with immediately at the tables and on the hundreds of outstanding games where you can win up to $3,500,000 in jackpots.

Every month for a year after the date that you sign up to become a member of the 888Casino community, you can get a 10% bonus on Happy Hour events of up to $100 meaning that your 888Casino bonus received only from depositing during specific times will add up to a huge sum of $1,200 in a year if you choose to make the maximum deposit possible for the offer.

The Live Casino venue at 888Casino is a thrilling venue that allows customers to experience the excitement and the sociable banter with real live dealers through a video link.

There are many bonus offers related to the Live Casino making it a profitable experience as well as a pleasant excursion to a live casino without leaving your home. Register a new account today with 888Casino using our link below and get your welcome bonus of up to $200 immediately.


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Unbeatable Action All Day Long at Ladbrokes Poker

ladbrokes poker table imageIt’s a great time to join the community of players at Ladbrokes Poker with so many astonishing tournaments running every day online and possibilities given for players to win seats to live tournaments scheduled all through the year in superb locations. Ladbrokes Poker is operating on the MicroGaming network which gives its players the most amazing poker software imaginable as well as a very broad variety of cash ring games and lucrative tournaments in many languages. The network concept is to promote the level of activity in the card rooms that are linked into it and give all players a much higher volume of player participation. Nobody has to hang around bored waiting for players to pitch up wanting to play at the stakes that each individual chooses, Sit & Go single table tournaments are able to kick off as soon as a player registers and the whole feel of the card room is one of action and vibrancy.

Join the Great British Pound Ring Games

Ladbrokes Poker has taken the initiative to personalize the card room to a certain extent by adding the Great British Pound tables exclusively for the use of Ladbrokes players whatever their nationality. You can discover the cash tables in the poker lobby where they are clearly marked and permit you to get that bit closer to people who share a passion for the Ladbrokes Poker room and the fabulous services offered. The customer service at Ladbrokes is outstanding with trained staff that are friendly and competent waiting to talk to you on live chat or the telephone. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Poker using our link below and you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to €1,000.

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Technology Doesn’t Stand Still at William Hill Casino

william-hill-casino-rouletteWhen you first join the fabulous online venue offered by William Hill Casino, you will be flabbergasted at the sheer enormity of the variety of games on offer and the outstanding graphics and sound effects that animate the games, bringing them to life to a large extent. You will feel yourself being immersed in the beautifully designed video slots and experiencing the role attributed to you in the games, playing alongside the characters who are there to help you win massive jackpots. The video slots are exceptionally advanced technologically and as the months go on you will be fascinated at the obvious evolution in the digital technology and the constant upgrading of the games suite to include ever more mind blowing games to please the customers who expect to see ever improving quality.

New Games with Amazing Technology

All new games are posted under the New Games tab on the home page where you can choose each game as you wish and at your own speed. You can choose to play in practice mode which is the most advantageous method of learning a new game without wagering any cash until you feel sure of the way the game works. With the video slots having complex levels included in them as well as tremendously exciting twists and turns, it is great to be totally ‘au fait’ with the games before you wager big sums of cash. The progressive jackpots are stunning and you will see under the lengthy lists of winners that William Hill Casino is the home ‘territory’ of a lot of very big winners. Register a new account today at William Hill Casino using our link below and you will enjoy a welcome bonus of up to €2,200.


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Check Out All the Special Offers at Ladbrokes Sports Betting

Ladbrokes Sports is a fully comprehensive bookmaker which operates on a completely integrated sports betting and gaming platform. The latest computer software advances have permitted Ladbrokes to set up a cutting edge platform for the convenience of the customers who enjoy wagering on different products offered by Ladbrokes as a whole.

You no longer need to log on and off the different venues but can log in with one user name, have just a single password and a single financial account where you can shift funds from one product to another in a matter of seconds. The simplicity of the integrated platform is very convenient and has greatly enhanced the way that punters can enjoy the broad range of products on offer at Ladbrokes. You can play on a selection of video slots directly from the sports book without switching to the casino just to give yourself a bit of diverse entertainment whilst checking out the markets.

Play On the Slots Without Leaving The Sports Book

A surprise win on the slots is always great for the moral and a marvelous way to boost the funds in your gaming wallet. Ladbrokes Casino has a massive range of games with huge jackpots just waiting for you to coax them to open and Ladbrokes Bingo can fill your pockets very fast indeed!

Discover the great special offers that are always coming up at Ladbrokes Sports including money back on losing bets and free bets as bonuses when you win. The promos are diverse and revised regularly so you will never be bored with the fabulous offerings at Ladbrokes Sports. Register a new account today using our link below and the bonus code FB50 to get your free bet of up to £50.

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Casino Games Now in the Card Room at BetVictor Poker

BetVictor poker offers such an outstanding card room that the pleasure customers get when they log on to select the games they want to play is unbeatable. You now have access to around 100 top quality casino games directly from your poker account with just one click of the button at the top of the page.

You may find yourself waiting to start in a scheduled tournament, undecided about what to play next or just looking for something a little different from the heat of the poker tables. The casino games offered start at stakes of as little as one penny so don’t get hesitant as there is absolutely no need to spend much cash to get a fantastic time of lucrative entertainment on a hand-picked selection of games that have proven themselves to be the most popular with the customers.

More Than 100 Golden Opportunities to Get Rich!

All the classic favorites feature at the top of the list of casino games accessible from the poker room including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Stud Poker. The progressive jackpot games are loaded with millions of euros and they make players at BetVictor ecstatically happy on a regular basis.

Choose from the 80 video slots where the graphic animations are incredibly authentic and highly realistic with sound effects rendering the atmosphere absolutely electric. Every euro you wager in the casino will earn you action points just as they do in the card room and those points are worth hard cash. You can also use them to buy into valuable tournaments that are scheduled throughout the day at BetVictor Poker. Register a new account today at BetVictor Poker using our link below and you will be thrilled to get your welcome bonus of up to €500.


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Always Something New Featuring at Ladbrokes Casino

Check Out all the latest offers at Ladbrokes Casino where the specials never run out but go from fantastic to absolutely amazing! With 540 games to choose from, boasting the most incredible MicroGaming software you won’t need any encouragement to play the games and participate in the promos where you can win huge bonuses just for doing what you love best at Ladbroke Casino.

Whether you prefer the classic casino games that have been around since the start of casino gaming including Blackjack which originated in France in the 18th Century as the game of twenty one or ‘Vingt et Un’ or the chic game of Roulette, also of French origin, or you focus on the very latest video slots, you won’t be disappointed by the selection at Ladbrokes Casino.

Learn as You Play for Free

Every game is posted with its rules and instructions in a very user friendly way and you can try out every game in demo mode without wagering a cent. The customer support is outstanding at Ladbrokes Casino so you will never be in doubt for long as the team is friendly and professional. Whether you are playing in the middle of the night or at Christmas or any other public holiday, you will always have a competent member of Ladbrokes staff ready to help you in any one of the 22 languages featured on its software.

Ladbrokes Casino is constantly adding new games to the suite on offer and games that are no longer popular are removed or revamped to bring them up to the technological level expected from the astute clientele at Ladbrokes Casino. Check out the latest addition to the Progressive jackpot video slots, Dark Knight with the Batman theme which is very popular in 2012! Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Casino using our link below and select your welcome bonus of up to £500.

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Fantastic Combination Games offered at PokerStars

PokerStars offers its players a really exciting card room where the challenges just never stop being presented to them in various forms. Nobody can ever be bored or suffer from tedium at PokerStars as there are so many poker game variants with new ones are being developed to keep PokerStars as the leader of the online card rooms.

Comprehensive lessons are posted for free on the home page with just a click of a tab, given by the poker pros who are members of the PokerStars team, making every game type look so easy and straightforward. Start off with Texas Hold’em which is the most popular poker variant in the world especially since the launch of the World Series of Poker Championships in the early 1970’s in the most impressive gambling center of the Universe, Las Vegas. Go on to master the games of Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz and Stud as well as Eight or Better which is just another name for Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo.

Excel in a Huge Variety of Games

Perfecting each game variant at your own pace is a fantastically exciting goal in your poker career and allows you to go on to play the thrilling game of Horse which is just a mix of all the games that you have learned, listed above. If you miss out the game of Razz it simply means that you play Hose instead and will find yourself competing in a really intensive and totally focused poker game where you cannot stop paying attention even for a moment.

PokerStars makes poker into more than just a pass time and has changed the lives of many of its players as they discover in themselves amazing abilities that they didn’t know they had. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below using the marketing code PSP7824 and you can be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.


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