Take up the Challenge of Rubik’s Riches Slot at 21Nova Casino

rubiksPlay the incredibly exciting and innovative slot game with a huge difference ‘Rubik’s Riches’ at 21Nova Casino where you can win as much as $80,000 by lining up the sides of the cube with the same colours as well as through the bonus games awarded when all the letters of the word ‘Rubik’s’ light up at the top of the game.

The three dimensional game with vibrant colours is a modern slot game with a ‘retro’ presentation created by PlayTech and is based on the most popular game in the world ‘Rubik’s Cube’ which was invented by the Hungarian professor of architecture Erno Rubik in 1974. The original game was first marketed as the Magic Cube but soon became the ‘toy’ that everybody needed to have and was given the name of its inventor as it hit the shops worldwide.


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The classic cube is lightweight and can be held in a person’s hand having 6 faces with nine solid coloured stickers on each face making it an attractive cube to hold and look at. The cube is more for adults than children and proved to be a wonderful pastime for millions of people seeking to resolve the puzzle and stimulate their brains.

The stickers with the colours white, blue, green, red, yellow and orange are manipulated around a twisting mechanism which allows the player to turn the sides in such a way as to try and get each face to be a solid wall of one colour only. The game was wildly popular during the 1980s but it is still well known today in its original form and in many game variations which can be even more challenging.

The Rubik’s Cube is difficult to solve and there are international competitions taking place annually where participants win prizes for solving the puzzle of the cube at great speed, organized by the ‘World Cube Association’ which is the international governing body for the Rubik’s Cube.


Highly Entertaining Game with Big Rewards

The Rubik’s Riches slot game operates in the same way as the cube with ‘three reels’ taking the form of three sides of the cube which spin in order to line up colours in rows. Get the same colour on all 9 squares on one side of the cube and you trigger a bonus payout of 5,000 credits or more in addition to the line payout.

To win the largest payout possible it is important to wager the maximum and get the possibility of peeling off the stickers for bonus spins and extra cubes. The betting range per spin is from $0.20 to as much as $500 so decide whether you are aiming for the top or for a regular kind of win when you choose your bets.

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