Viktor Blom wins Superstar Showdown on PokerStars

The young Swedish poker player, Viktor Blom, once again rose to the challenge and won the Superstar Showdown on Pokerstars.  This time he managed to beat Daniel ‘Jungleman12’ Cates in the showdown.  

Since Viktor Blom, who may be better known under his alias ‘Isildur1’, began playing on the world’s largest poker room – – people have been queuing up to try their hand against him.  As a result, Pokerstars have developed a heads up event, known as the Superstar Showdown, which will allow people to take on Blom and try and beat him.

Since Blom began his journey as a member of Team PokerStars Pro, he has played in all 3 of the heads up duels, most recently beating Daniel Cates and taking home a surplus of over $51,000. The concept of the showdown is quite simple. Players compete at four tables simultaneously and need to play 2,500 hands before the match is settled. It must also be decided between the individuals which variant of poker to be played.  Finally the blinds must be set at $50/$100.

The match that took place on the 30th January played slightly differently because No Limit Hold ‘em was the only variant played. In the two previous showdowns it was a mixture between No Limit Texas Hold ‘em and Pot Limit Omaha. Follow the Showdown which is surely going to be one of the many PokerStars promotion activities in 2011.

The online poker community was very interested in this pairing because it was the first time that Isildur1 and Jungleman12 played each other officially. Throughout the unofficial matches played between Isildur1 and Jungleman12 there was a lot of money won and lost, but most recently it seemed that Jungleman12 always had the upper hand over Isildur1.

It seems that both these players have become the best in the world at playing heads up in the area of No Limit Hold ‘em, meaning that any match between them will attract a lot of attention. As a result the chat function on PokerStars went into overdrive with spectators chatting amongst themselves and also with the players.

There is no word on who Blom will play next, but it will undoubtedly be just as exciting as the previous matches he has played.
It is possible to watch all the developments of the Superstar Showdown on PokerStars. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one here.

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